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Olof Östergren. Foto: Stockholms universitet

Smoking leads to less increase in life expectancy for less educated women

Life expectancy in Sweden has risen steadily during the last few decades for most groups. One exception is women whose highest educational level is primary school. This is mostly because of smoking.

Två systrar jobbar med sina läxor. Foto: Mostphotos

Later-borns choose less prestigious programs at university

First-borns are more likely to study more prestigious subjects at university such as medicine and engineering and can thus expect greater earnings than later-borns, according to a new study.

Information for International students

This information is for International students in the first application round autumn semester 2018. Our Master's programme are open for International students in the first application round for the autumn semster. The autumn semester 2018 starts 3 September and ends 20 January 2019.

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