Reporting allows us to be aware of problems that are important to deal with, both within the department and on the campus-wide scale.

There are today two different systems that can be used to file incident reports:

Akademiska Hus

Akademiska hus is the company that owns our facilities and buildings, and are responsible for fixing any problems with heating, lighting, elevators, electricity etc.

If you encounter any problems, you can file a report directly using this web form, and usually the problems are taken care of very quickly.

You can file a report yourself, or send an e-mail to the Work environment representative who can help you file a report.
If you file a report yourself, you should always make sure that a copy of the report is also sent to Sæmundurs e-mail address.

Link to Akademiska Hus error reporting


SAMIR is the central system for filing all kinds of incident reports, ranging from security issues, such as fire and theft to work related injuries and illnesses.

You can use SAMIR to file police reports directly, and you can also be anonymous when reporting security issues.

SAMIR can also be used for environmental issues:
Suggestions on improvement: Ideas on how to improve our recycling, energy consumption and so forth.
Environmental non-conformances:  Incidents when established environmental procedures or environmental legislation are not followed.

You can file a report in SAMIR yourself, or you can ask your workplace representative to help you file a report.

Please note that if you are away from work due to illness, this also has to be reported in the personnel system Primula.

Link to SAMIR