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Saemundur Grettisson and Snorri Karlsson.

SU IT helpdesk Phone 08-161999

Web and communication, except for course descriptions, SUDA and SpADE event updates:

Leila Zoubir

To publish course descriptions and course information on our web page (Anna Borén)

SUDA and SpADE events webpage:

Kathrin Morosow

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Your personal website - profile page

Here you can find a link to your personal SU profile page:

By clicking on the link and then “Edit my profile” you can edit the profile to show a photo of yourselves, a short summary of your work, information on publications, teaching, CV, etc.

Each employee at Stockholm University has their own profile page. You can find a guide on how to edit it here:

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Sociology website – Staff - internal news and information from the department.

General administrative information:

SU Staff website:

English staff website:

E-mail lists

* : list for all department employees

* : list for doctoral students

* : Invitations to the SUDA colloquium

Use the internal newsletter instead of e-mailing

At the Department of Sociology, we have an internal newsletter instead of regular staff meetings. You are most welcome to email if you want to share some information with your colleagues! More information on the content and publishing plan for the autumn semester can be found here.


Mondo is the portal for education/courses

* Doctoral student page in Mondo “Sociologidoktorander”: information on issues relevant for doctoral students, handbooks, conference grants, etc.