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Information about teaching from period B, starting September 30

The Department of Sociology will gradually move to more campus based teaching from period B. This means that some courses or parts of courses will be on campus while others will be taught digitally via zoom. It is therefore very important that you as a student keep yourself updated on what applies to your particular course. Please keep yourself updated at each course page in Athena.

Sunnee Billingsley. Photo: Elin Sahlin/Stockholm University

Occupation alone not linked to a higher risk of dying from Covid-19

A new study from Stockholm University shows that occupation on its own was not linked to a higher risk of dying from Covid-19 in Sweden. However, older people who lived with adults in working age who could not work from home had a higher risk of dying from Covid-19.

Jelena Jovičić. Photo: SU

How is ”refugeeness” constructed in Swedish newspapers – and are counter-images possible?

In Swedish newspapers, people fleeing are often depicted as victims or as a security threat to the Swedish nation state, a new PhD thesis in sociology shows. As a reaction to this visual framing limited to stereotypes, the author Jelena Jovičić participated in a project where people with experiences of flight created their own counter-images. Here is what she found out.

Siddartha Aradhya. Foto: Stockholms universitet

Language barriers do not explain why immigrants have higher mortality from COVID-19

Language barriers or lack of institutional awareness do not explain why immigrants in Sweden have a higher mortality from COVID-19. These are the conclusions of a new population-based study from Stockholm University that analyzed intermarried couples--immigrants partnered with Swedes.