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Information about teaching during the autumn semester of 2021

Due to the covid-19, teaching in the first period (August 30- September 29) will be conducted online via zoom. If the level of the spread of covid-19 and the vaccination coverage allow, the teaching from period 2 (starting September 30) will be on campus.

Jelena Jovičić. Photo: SU

How is ”refugeeness” constructed in Swedish newspapers – and are counter-images possible?

In Swedish newspapers, people fleeing are often depicted as victims or as a security threat to the Swedish nation state, a new PhD thesis in sociology shows. As a reaction to this visual framing limited to stereotypes, the author Jelena Jovičić participated in a project where people with experiences of flight created their own counter-images. Here is what she found out.

Siddartha Aradhya. Foto: Stockholms universitet

Language barriers do not explain why immigrants have higher mortality from COVID-19

Language barriers or lack of institutional awareness do not explain why immigrants in Sweden have a higher mortality from COVID-19. These are the conclusions of a new population-based study from Stockholm University that analyzed intermarried couples--immigrants partnered with Swedes.


Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students

This information is for international students who have been admitted for studies commencing in autumn 2020. 

Vacancy: 2 researchers in sociology or demography (temporary employment)

We are looking for researchers to contribute to the European Research Council (ERC) funded project: A Better Life for the Children of Exile: Intergenerational Adaptation of the Descendants of Refugees, which aims to understand the inequalities that are faced by the children and grandchildren of refugees, and the factors that determine these inequalities.