Seminar with Ida Nafstad - Associate Senior Lecturer, Lund University, Sociology of Law Department and Amin Parsa - Senior Lecturer, Lund University, Sociology of Law Department: 

Topic: "Reproduction of crime as structural racism”

This presentation takes a starting point in the book chapters “Reflections on Swedish Penal Populism in Late Modernity” by Parsa and Nafstad and “The Social Construction of Parallel Society in Swedish Police Documents” by Nafstad, both forthcoming 2022. 
The central argument of both texts is that police targeting of the population in so-called socially disadvantaged areas reproduces crime statistics and can be understood as structural racism, by its narrow focus on some categories of crime and some parts of the population. The recent police operation Rimfrost and ‘the government’s 34-points program against gang crime’ are taken as cases in point. Through a reading of the 34-points program as it relates to the police operation Rimfrost we aim to scrutinize some trends in Swedish criminal policy and ideas about policing. We argue that these trends are pointing to a risk based criminal policy which leads to a reproduction of the targets of police control, along the lines of class, place, and ethnicity. Some of these trends, underpinning our main argument, and which we will delve deeper into, are; a focus on neighborhoods inhabited by poor and racialized population, a technological turn in assessment of risk, and the benchmarking of punishment as a measure of social harm.

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