The Anti-Racism Working Group (ARWG) will hold its inaugural series of seminars 12-1 pm the fourth Friday of each month beginning in 2021. The series aims to recognize the structures and practices of racism within our field and confront it through the platforming of anti-racist efforts in Sociology and beyond. We invite academics, activists, and artists to share their experiences, research, reflect on recent work, and join in conversation.

Everyone is welcome. Students are particularly encouraged to attend and participate. For the foreseeable future, all seminars will take place over Zoom. To join our group email list and receive Zoom links please contact one of the organizers Siddartha Aradhya, siddartha.aradhya(a), Ryan Switzer, ryan.switzer(a), or Vanessa Barker, vanessa.barker(a)


Taking as a point of departure the experience of unemployed women in the municipality of Malmö, Sweden, I discuss the racial temporality that exists within the unemployment complex and the continuity between the temporal policing in the migration complex and the unemployment complex. I focus on three forms of temporal border policing: placing people on hold (waiting time), placing people in line (labour time), and placing people out of line (disposable time).

By focusing on these three forms of policing unemployed people’s time, I explore the contours of a gendered and racial temporality that creates a flexible, patient and disposable female and racialised workforce. I argue that the processes of a racial and gender temporality are those of time disposition and robbery, of time control and time waste; where racialised women’s time is in different ways less valued and less visible.