Abstract – more about the seminar

This presentation accounts for a project which analyzes Swedish non-white migrant and minority narratives in the form of novels, literary texts and autobiographies as a way of studying how the authors write about and relate to race, whiteness and Swedishness and articulate new perspectives on and constructions of Swedishness. The material consists of a selection of published novels, literary texts and autobiographies written by non-white authors who have a migrant and minority background including migrants, children of migrants, mixed people as well as adoptees. The texts are read within the theoretical framework of critical race and whitenesss studies as well as within the context of previous research on race, whiteness and Swedishness, and with a particular emphasis on how new perspectives on Swedishness and new constructions of Swedishness are articulated and narrated. 

About the Anti-Racism Working Group Seminar Series

The Anti-Racism Working Group (ARWG) aims to recognize the structures and practices of racism within our field and confront it through the platforming of anti-racist efforts in Sociology and beyond. We invite academics, activists, and artists to share their experiences, research, reflect on recent work, and join in conversation.

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