We are interested in actors’ and directors’ market position, the position of the spaces where their creation processes take place and the position of the place where the show meets an audience and how they correlate. To investigate this  we will us the concepts of: a) the «upper ground» or mainstream, and its opposite, b) the «underground» or alternative, and where the two meet, c) the «middle ground». The aim is to see if what Cohendet, Grandadam et Simon (2010) proposes for the video game world is true for the French performing market; that there is a flow of information in-between the upper- and underground and it is through the middle ground spaces where the ideas of the artists from the upper and underground meet. Do artists themselves cross these divisions and can they be mobile and active in different «grounds » with the same project? What is the relationship between the position of the artists and their workspaces? What are the motivations to move in the market, being active in different grounds, is it to be closer or to be farther from an environment?