The outcome of the application round this last spring is four new doctoral students, three in Sociology and one in Sociological Demography:

Laure Doctrinal (PhD student in Sociology at SOFI, SOCPOL), has a Masters degree in “Comparative Age Policies in Europe” from the Institute of Political Studies of Aix-en-Provence (Sciences Po Aix) and a MSc in Demography from Stockholm University. In her doctoral thesis, Doctrinal plans to explore the ins and outs of social policies for elderly in a comparative perspective.

Andrea Monti (PhD student in Sociological Demography, SUDA), has a BSc in Human Geography and ongoing master studies in Demography at Stockholm University. Monti’s dissertation will focus on transnationalism and the socio-economic integration of immigrants in Sweden and Italy based on survey and register data.

Sofiya Voytiv (PhD student in Sociology), has a Master degree in sociology from Ukraine, and a MSc in Gender studies from Lund University. Voytiv’s thesis will deal with migration and growing transnationalism of international or interethnic conflict.

Rosa Weber (PhD student in Sociology), has a BA in Serbian/Croatian and Eastern European Studies from University College London, and a MSc in Sociology from London School of Economics and Political Science. Weber’s dissertation will deal with immigrants’ ties to the country of origin and destination

We welcome the new doctoral students!