Work Environment Ombudsman / Protection Ombudsman

The Department's Work Environment Ombudsman / Protection Ombudsman is saemundur.grettisson(a) The Work Environment Ombudsman is the representative of the department's employees in occupational health and safety matters towards the employer. If you have any comments on the physical or psychosocial work environment, or need support or advice in the field of health and safety issues, please contact the ombudsman.

Work Environment and Gender Equality Group

The working environment and gender equality group includes the following persons:

  •     Sæmundur Grettisson (Security Officer)
  •     Michael Gähler (Head of Department)
  •     Anna-Carin Haag  (Deputy Rector of Studies)
  •     Daniel Ritter (Equal Opportunities Ombudsman)
  •     Louise Gotting (Study Environment Ombudsman)
  •     Ely Strömberg (Student)

The working group shall monitor gender equality and equality at the institution and, if necessary, identify shortcomings and propose solutions. Ongoing work includes a continuous review of the gender equality and equality plan. The group prepares the basis for this plan.

The accountable to the work environment and gender equality work at the department is the head of department, michael.gahler(a)

Harassment and Discriminatory Behavior

Discriminatory behavior or harassment should be reported immediately to the head of department, michael.gahler(a) Read more here: 

Read more here (English) and here (Swedish)

Personal Security and Threats

If you experience any threat to your personal safety you should always notify the head of department, michael.gahler(a) In case of crime or any other emergency, or if you are working late or in the weekends and feel insecure, you can call the university hotline 08-164200 and then you will be connected to the security personnel. More information can be found on the SU staff pages.

Threatening e-mails and phone calls

If you as an employee receive any threatening emails, phone calls, or similar threats you should always contact the head of department, michael.gahler(a) You can also get help from the Work Environment Ombudsman, saemundur.grettisson(a) and from the Section for Security and Safety at Stockholm University, phone number 08-16 22 16 or 08-16 10 25, email

In case you, as a researcher, are confronted with any threat after appearing in the media (for instance after being interwieved for a newspaper), you also need to inform the press and media department at SU, press(a) who can support you. You should also inform our Communications Officer, leila.zoubir(a) (for knowledge). 

Work Related Injuries and Incidents

Work related injuries and incidents should always be reported. You can file a report yourself using the reporting system SAMIR or get assistence from your manager or the Work environment ombudsman. 

For getting help with healtcare and rehabilitation please contact our healthcare provider Feelgood.

Stress and Rehabilitation

If you suffer from stress related problems or illnesses, you can get help from our health care provider Feelgood


The first step for getting help with your work place ergonomy is to contact our healthcare provider Feelgood and book a visit from an ergonomist. If you need help ordering ergonomic products for your office, please contact the Work environment ombudsman, saemundur.grettisson(a)

Physical Work Environment

Please contact the Work environment ombudsman, saemundur.grettisson(a) if you are experiencing problems with the physical work environment, for instance temperature, ventilation and lighting.

You can also file an error report to Akademiska hus. Remember to send a copy of the report to saemundur.grettisson(a)

Action Plans and Procedures

Please see attached files below!