The Department's Work Environment Ombudsman / Protection Ombudsman is Sæmundur Grettisson (saemundur.grettisson(a) The Work Environment Ombudsman is the representative of the department's employees in occupational health and safety matters towards the employer. If you have any comments on the physical or psychosocial work environment, or need support or advice in the field of health and safety issues, please contact the security representative.

The working environment and gender equality group includes the following persons:

  •     Sæmundur Grettisson (Security Officer)
  •     Magnus Nermo (Head of Department)
  •     Livia Oláh (Researcher)
  •     Daniel Ritter (Equal Opportunities Ombudsman)
  •     Ida Viklund (PhD student)
  •     Jennie Ängsås (Student Environment Representative)

The working group shall monitor gender equality and equality at the institution and, if necessary, identify shortcomings and propose solutions. Ongoing work includes a continuous review of the gender equality and equality plan. The group prepares the basis for this plan.

Violent behavior or harassment should be reported immediately to the director of basic and advanced level Peter Åkerbäck (for students, more information here), peter.akerback(a), or Magnus Nermo, Head of Department (for PhD students and employees, read more here:
Procedures for the investigation of harassment and discriminatory behaviour of employees (92 Kb) ), magnus.nermo(a)

The most responsible for the work environment and gender equality work at the department is the prefect, Magnus Nermo.

Action plans and procedures

Action plans in Swedish

Read more here (English) and here (Swedish)