Sepehr Saeidibonab
Sepehr Saeidibonab

What are you doing now?

Currently, I am working as a credential evaluator at UHR, the Swedish Council for Higher Education. My job is to evaluate the academic credentials from countries such as, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan. 

How did you get to where you are today?

I studied in Iran and eventually decided to continue my studies abroad. Stockholm University’s program in applied social research seemed to fit with my educational background and aspirations perfectly. After finishing my studies, I started to learn Swedish at KOMVUX and at the same time began the process of job application. I was always interested in learning new languages and cultures; further, I had become interested in understanding the educational system in Sweden and other countries. My current job fits this description perfectly.

How did our Master's Programme in Applied Social Research help you realize your professional goals?

I would have to say that my master’s thesis helped me in realizing my professional goals in Sweden. The title of my Master’s thesis is ”Homophily and friendship dynamics: an analysis of friendship formation with respect to homophily principle and distinctiveness theory ”. I used social network analysis and logistic regression to analyze the friendship dynamics, with respect to gender, national, religious and political homophily, among students of two schools in Stockholm. The research awoke my interest in educatonal system in Sweden as an institution which has a great potential with regards to internationalization and globalization.

How did you like living and working in Stockholm?

Stockholm is a beautiful and colorful city; however, living in the city can get quite expensive! On the other hand, I can safely say that I am really happy with my job and I like living in Stockholm.

How come you chose the Department of Sociology and Stockholm University for your master studies?

I have always wanted to study social research and sociology and Stockholm University was one of the few institutions that offered an English master’s program in the mentioned field. Secondly, there are many noteworthy researchers working at the department. The methods they used, in my experience, were helpful in gaining a viewpoint on observing the social phenomena and in finding the most suitable way to analyze them. Also, I like the cold weather and, specially, the snow!