Sofia Härd, alumn från Sociologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet.
Sofia Härd.

What are you doing right now?

I have been a doctoral student at the Department of Social Work at Stockholm University for about a year and a half. My dissertation project is about assessment tools in the treatment of alcohol and drug-related problems. Right now I am working on my second article together with a Professor of Criminology from the University of Derby in England. While working on my dissertation, I teach quantitative methods to students in social work.

How did our Master’s Programme in Applied Social Research help you realize your professional goals?

When I studied the Master’s Programme, I was still not sure if I wanted to continue in academia or if I should apply for other types of jobs. During that time, I did an internship at the Swedish National Audit Office, where I got to work with proposals of audits in the area of gender equality. At the Swedish National Audit Office, I had a lot of use from what I learned during the Master’s programme, partly in terms of specific statistical analyzes, but above all general knowledge regarding analysis and evaluation. As a doctoral student in Social Work, I benefit from the knowledge I gained from the Master’s programme every day.
The Master’s programme, as well as the Bachelor’s programme in Applied Social Research (the Bachelor’s programme is taught in Swedish) generates the kind of knowledge and experience that there is a great demand for both in academia and in public authorities.

How did you like living and working in Stockholm?

I grew up in Uppsala and moved to Stockholm shortly after I started my Master’s programme at Stockholm University. Uppsala is a university city and I was therefore worried that I would lose parts of the student life when I chose to study in Stockholm. After a while, however, I realized that Stockholm is a really fun city to work and study in, although it is not characterized by student life to the same extent as, for example, Uppsala.

How come you chose the Department of Sociology and Stockholm University for your master's studies?

I studied the Bachelor’s programme in Applied Social Research (taught in Swedish) at the Department of Sociology and realized how valuable the combination of Sociology and quantitative research methodology is. When I was going to continue my studies after my bachelor's degree, I wanted to continue on the same path. 
In my opinion, there was no Master’s programme that could compare with Master’s Programme in Applied Social Research, especially when it comes to quantitative research methodology, and therefore it was not a difficult choice.