Stockholm University will be open from August 17, but we at the Department of Sociology assume that restrictions regarding e.g. social distancing and the number of people allowed to gather will remain unchanged in the fall. Given the number of Sociology students, the department has therefore decided that all teaching at undergraduate level including exams in the period August to early November will be online via Zoom.
On advanced level and postgraduate education, we are preparing for the opportunity for students to either follow courses on site or via zoom.
Given the uncertainty of the situation, the above may change. Information on what applies to each course will however be announced on the Department's website no later than July 15.

For information on what applies to each course or sub-course, you are primarily referred to the learning platform Athena. We urge you to keep yourself updated on what is happening/ applies to your course/ sub-course, as well as on Stockholm University's information page about the Corona virus.

Peter Åkerbäck, Director of Studies for undergraduate and advanced level
Sunnee Billingsley, Director of Studies for the Graduate programme