How to apply

Last date to apply for the fall semester 2019 is December 3rd 2018. First you apply to be nominated by the Department of Sociology and if you are nominated, you apply to Cornell University.

For application to the fall semester to the Cornell University College of Human Ecology, please send the following:

  • Exchange Student Application Form: Typed, and signed by you and your home university. Application form (114 Kb) .
  • Declaration of Finances Form (2R): Must be correctly completed or your application will be rejected - can be obtained from Cornell University's webpage here.
    *Note This is important once you have been nominated
  • Letters of Reference: Provide 2 letters of reference from professors, lecturers, or employers, explaining your readiness to represent your university as an exchange student at Cornell University. 
    *Important Note - If English is not your native language, the letters of reference should include his/her general impression of your readiness to study in a fast-paced English-speaking environment.
  • Official score of a recognized Language Proficiency Test, if required.
  • Personal Statement: Tell us why you want to spend a semester or year studying at Cornell University as a Human Ecology Student.  Include personal characteristics, contributions you can make, personal benefits you anticipate, and how studying at Human Ecology fits into your curriculum and career.
  • Most recent official transcript(s) with an official grading system explanation:  Official seal of your home institution should be included.
  • Passport: include a copy of the passport (personal information pages) on which you intend to travel to the United States. If you also have a U.S. Passport, please provide that copy also.  Make sure that your Passport(s) will not expire while you are in the United States.
  • Portfolio, if required: PDF file preferred

*Important note! Information regarding financing and VISA:


Subjects available to exchange/study abroad students.

Please see the class roster for reference at

Please note that the lists are subject to change.  Lists for previous semesters are available from the dropdown list in the upper right of the page.

Human Ecology student exchange programme:

Cornell’s PAM undergraduate major:

Cornell Population Center’s undergraduate minor:


Should you want to discuss your course selection or have questions about how to apply, please contact:

 About Cornell University - College of Human Ecology

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