Discrimination, Harassment and Victimization

If anyone acts against you in a way you find to be harassing, you should make notes about what happened, when and where, and talk to someone you have confidence in. At the department of Sociology we recommend that you contact the Head of Studies: studierektorGA(a)sociology.su.se 

Information on how the deparment handles these matters:

You can find more information here, at the Student Union.

The department works proactively to enforce equal rights and possibilities for all students. This work is done according to the action plan that has been produced by the department's work environment group. At the moment this plan is only available in Swedish:

Study Environment

If you as a student experience problems with your psysical or psychosocial study environment, or if you have suggestions or questions, you can contact the student council: sociologiskastudentradet(a)gmail.com. you can also contact the departments work environment representative, saemundur.grettisson(a)sociology.su.se.

If you would like to be anonymous, you can file a report through SU:s reporting system SAMIR.

More information about your sudy environment can be found here, at the Student Union.