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Booking of seminar rooms B800 and B900

You can book both B800 and B900 through the Outlook-calendar – for instructions please e-mail  IT(a) Sæmundur Grettisson and Snorri Karlsson.

Booking of premises at Stockholm University except B800 and B900

Contact person: Anna Borén.


Contact person: Leila Zoubir.

Department Calendar

We have an internal department calendar that you can access through Outlook. You can only view it through Outlook. The purpose with the department calendar is to avoid scheduling conflicts when planning for internal events like departmental days, introduction for new employees etc. Please post information about, for example, workshops that you plan there – to get access to posting in the calendar please e-mail it(a) or contact Sæmundur Grettisson.

Below you can find an instruction on how to add the calendar to outlook:

How to add events in the department calendar

Go to the calendar in outlook and right click on “my calendars”. Then choose “from the address book”

How to add events in the department calendar


Contact persons: Thomas Nordgren and Min Za Sandin.

Bankgiro: 5050-0206
VAT number: SE202100306201
Organization number: 202100-3062

Foreign invoices: Foreign supplier invoices must be sent to the Department's postal address, Department of Sociology, Stockholm University, S-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden.

Expenses and travel expenses

Contact person: Min Za Sandin.

Expenses are made in the HR system Primula. Original receipt and background are submitted to Min Za Sandin. Compensation will be paid in connection with the next salary payment, provided that the appraisal has reached time for wage driving. This guide will help you register your expenses:

Handbook and research support

IT Support, SUKAT responsible 

Contact: IT(a) Sæmundur Grettisson and Snorri Karlsson. More information here!

If Sæmundur nor Snorri is here – please contact Håkan Slättman (telephone: 08-16 29 53) at the Department of Statistics, floor 7 in our building, if you need urgent IT help. 

Reimbursement for prescribed medication

Contact person: Veronica Pyke Erston

In order to be reimbursed for costs for prescribed medication, please hand in receipts in the original to Veronica Pyke Erston at the Human Resources Office with internal/external mail within six months of treatment – read more here.

Nofitication of illness, vacation, leave of absence and parental leave

Contact person: Thomas Nordgren.


Contact person: Sæmundur Grettisson, purchasing manager. 

Security, fire safety and evacuation

In case of fire, the collection point is indicated on the evacuation plans located outside the lifts.

  • Fire protection officer: Thomas Nordgren
  • Fire protection controller: Sæmundur Grettisson,
  • Escape leaders floor 9: Peter Åkerbäck, Anna-Carin Haag
  • Escape leaders floor 8: Helen Eriksson, Gunnar Andersson.



Contact persons: Saemundur Grettisson

More information here:


Contact persons: Saemundur Grettisson and Snorri Karlsson.

Use the web portal to disconnect your telephone when you are not working, to activate and listen to voice mail etc. You can also disconnect your phone by following this instruction.

Please remember to:

  1. Disconnect your telephone before turning off your phone. If you turn off your phone without disconnecting the extension, callers will get a ”line busy” signal when calling (upptagetton). You can disconnect your telephone easily online here!
  2. Activate your voice mail. Activating voice mail increases accessibility, and if someone tries to reach you by phone you will also get an e-mail indicating that you have new voice mail messages. You can activate your voicemail on this website. 
  3. Read and follow the guidelines for telephony that contain recommendations for your phone usage, find them in English here!

Translation services and proofreading

Contact person: Sæmundur Grettisson, purchasing manager. 


Contact person: Min Za Sandin.

All travels are to be made through our travel agency Egencia. Certain exceptions can be made but please contact Min Za Sandin before making travel arrangement without Egencia!


Contact person: Thomas Nordgren.

As an employee at the University you are entitled to one hour/week of preventive health. Employees also have the right to compensation for sports activities with a receipt of 2500 SEK per year if you are employed during a full year. From January 2020, you need to register your receipt in Primula to be reimbursed – more information here!