●    When possible, we put out press releases through Stockholm University’s central communications office. They decide what press releases we can send out directly to the media through the university’s central channels here and here. Click here to learn how to put out a press release!
●    For all other science news, we can publish them on our websites here, here and here.
●    We run a research blog in Sociology and Demography.
●    Our news are often published in Stockholm University’s central newsletter - more information and previous newsletters here.
●    We send tips to journalists on our studies through e-mail and, via Twitter here and here.  
●    We run two Facebook-pages, one for the Department of Sociology as a whole and one for the Stockholm University Demography unit, SUDA.
●    Linkedin-page
●    We are affiliated with “Expertsvar”, a service from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) where journalists seek researchers that are experts in different areas.
●    We organize study visits at the department, primarily aimed at senior high school students (gymnasieelever).

We also monitor what is written about us in the media and share some of it on our social media pages.

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