– The timing is perfect, since we are working on changing our education on basic level in Sociology, says Lotta Stern.

The Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching runs a project aimed at building educational skills by focusing on the various educational environments that university teachers work in. They therefore appoint people who, for a period of time, work with educational development in their own institutional environment on behalf of the Centre. This year, Lotta Stern has been appointed as a so-called educational ambassador. 
An increasing amount of research shows the connection between high education quality and a local active, critically developing discussion of educational issues in the teachers' everyday lives. With the help of partners, the so-called educational ambassadors, such discussion can be facilitated, stimulated and developed. 

– We have initiated a project aimed at changing our education in Sociology on the undergraduate level. The purpose is to better match the content of the education with the different types of students who study the different semesters, says Lotta Stern. 

The new basic course will more clearly have content that addresses the interest of both the future sociologist and the community-interested student who wish to gain a greater understanding of what sociology can offer.

– How can we improve conditions for greater departmental collaboration around our education and learn more about successful pedagogy? These are issued that I intend to explore as an educational ambassador, says Lotta Stern.