SUDA / SUNDEM welcome Sol Juarez as new research colleague as of March 2016. Sol is recruited as researcher on 50% in the TITA project at SUDA and the department of Sociology. She carries out register-based research on the perinatal health of children to migrants in Sweden; at the rest of her time she is employed at CHESS, the Center for Health Equity Studies.

We would also like to welcome Caroline Uggla, our new postdoctoral researcher with a PhD in Anthropology from University College London.

Her PhD research involved the study of fertility and mortality based on administrative data from Northern Ireland.

Caroline will be engaged in the TITA and SUNDEM projects of SUDA, with a focus on mortality research. As you may have noted, Caroline has already joined our crew; she is currently here as a guest researcher with postdoctoral funding from University of Bristol.