General information and syllabi

If resources permit, application openings for PhD Studies can appear as a maximum twice a year - in February with March 1 as final date and/or in September with October 1 as final date to apply. When there are doctoral studentships available for application they are advertised here, on the "Application opportunities" page.

The Department of Sociology offers programmes for doctoral students in Sociology and in Sociological Demography. The syllabi below provide ample information:

Syllabus for doctoral studies in Sociology (156 Kb) (.pdf) revised 2015-11-17
Syllabus for doctoral studies in Sociological Demography (.pdf) revised 2015-11-17
For matters related to the defence of the dissertation:
Riktlinjer för disputationer vid Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten.
Individual study plan, forms and instructions

The syllabi contain detailed information on the entry requirements, the objectives and structure of the programmes, supervision resources and course requirements.

Entry requirements, application and funding

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Application opportunities

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