Peer-reviewed articles and chapters in books 

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Doctoral dissertations

Kathrin Morosow. Side Effects: Unintended Consequences of Family Leave Policies.

Working papers

Document de travail 251. Obucina, Ognjen, Ilari Ilmakunnas, 2019, Immigrant Child Poverty in an Emerging Country of Destination: the Evidence from Finland, Paris, INED.

LIS Working Paper series - No. 714 Härkönen, Juho. Single-mother poverty: how much do educational differences in single motherhood matter? Forthcoming as: Chapter 1, "Single-mother poverty: how much do educational differences in single motherhood matter?" in The Triple Bind of Single-Parent Families: Resources, employment and policies to improve well-being, edited by Rense Nieuwenhuis and Laurie Maldonado. Bristol: Policy Press.

LIS Working Paper series - No. 713 Härkönen, Juho. Diverging destinies in international perspective: Education, single motherhood, and child poverty.

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Policy briefs

Jussi Tervola, Ann-Zofie Duvander and Eleonora Mussino: "Equalizing family leaves promotes immigrant mother's employment" (only in Finnish). Policy Brief 10/2016.

Eleonora Mussino, Ann-Zofie Duvander: "Migration background and parental leave uptake in Sweden", IUSSP's online news magazine, June 2016.



Interview with Juho Härkönen “Suomen yliopistot säästävät”, SVT Uutiset  19.2.2016 


Interview/panel discussion with Juho Härkönen “Ylipaino, työllisyys ja tulot”,  Sveriges radio, Sisuradio 27.9.2016

Newspaper articles

Interview “Juho Härkönen tutkii eriarvoisuutta”, Ruotsin Suomalainen


Population Europe webinar with Juho Härkönen "Does Family Structure Matter For Social Inequality and Social Mobility?"

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