TITA WP2 Meeting 21st April 2016, Stockholm

Venue: Stockholm University, Universitetsvägen 10, room B800

Morning session

  • 9:30:    Opening words
  • 9:45:    Juho Härkönen, Eevi Lappalainen, Marika Jalovaara: The Deterioration of Finnish single mothers' employment 1989-2011: a decomposition analysis
  • 10:15   Aleksi Karhula, Jani Erola, Elina Kilpi-Jakonen: Home sweet home? Long-term educational outcomes of childcare arrangements in Finland
  • 10:45   Break
  • 11:00   Jussi Tervola, Eleonora Mussino, Ann-Zofie Duvander: Paternal benefits and immigrants in Finland and Sweden, 3in1
  • 11:30   Eleonora Mussino & Ann-Zofie Duvander : Incentive or obstacle? The use of parental leave of immigrant mothers
  • 11:45   Andrea Fuentes Monti: Over coverage in registers – possible ways of estimation
  • 12:00  Lunch     (sandwiches/salads served at B800)
  • (+break for Joint seminar of SUDA and CEK, Center for the study of Cultural Evolution: Magnus Enqvist (CEK) - The uniquely human)
  • Afternoon session 
  • 14:30   Marika Jalovaara & Anette Eva Fasang: Family Pathways, Gender, and Mid-life   Earnings    
  • 15:00   Anita Haataja & Maria Valaste: Does unemployment has impact on child care choices in Finland
  • 15:15   Per Olof Robling & Markus Jäntti: Daycare expansion and income mobility in the Nordic countries           
  • 15:30   Sol Juárez & Eleonora Mussino: A new beginning? Perinatal health of children of refugees in Sweden
  • 15:45   Ognjen Obucina, Ilari Ilmakunnas and Timo Kauppinen: Socio-economic outcomes of recent immigrants in Finland
  • 16:00   Klara Capkova & Marika Jalovaara: The effect of education and socio-economic status on the trajectory to single parenthood
  • 16:15   Rosa Weber: Circular migration between Finland and Sweden: Who moves abroad again?
  • 16:30   Kathrin Morosow, Marika Jalovaara, Juho Härkönen: Cash-for-Care use and family stability in Finland
  • 16:45   Ending words
  • 19:00   Dinner at Konstnärsbaren (Smålandsgatan 7, 111 46 Stockholm)