At our staff meetings we have had discussions about noise disturbances, and it has become obvious that loud travel-free meetings using speakers instead of a headset
is a common cause of disturbances for colleauges in adjacent rooms.
If you often have this kind of meetings in your office, it is recommended that you attend this workshop, so that you can use B900 for these meetings instead when possible.

Agenda for the meeting

1. Skype for business

We now have access to Skype for business at SU. We will discuss the advantages of using Skype for business instead of the consumer version of skype, and you will get instructions on how to install Skype for business on your computer.

2. Using the equipment in B900

B900 is equipped with high quality web cameras, and a speaker/microphone that can be used for travel-free meetings with skype or other software.
We will make a short demo of how to use this equipment with skype. If we have time we will also show how to use the equipment with Adobe connect.

/Sæmundur Grettisson