If we move:

  • No open landscapes with workstations
  • However, for some (mainly professors) the rooms will be smaller
  • Single office 8-11 m2 for permanent and senior staff. (current small rooms are about 11,4 m2)
  •  Shared offices approx. 15 m2 for 2-3 PhD students and post-docs, guests etc. (current large rooms are 15 m2)

Besides office space

  •     Separate Meeting rooms (4-8 people)
  •     Kitchen/lunch room
  •     Seminar room
  •     We also requested two computer rooms for teaching (25 workplaces in each).

Other facilities at Albano

  • Teaching rooms Both for larger and smaller groups of students..
  • Restaurant and Cafeteria
  • A gym open for the public (Nb. no personnel gym)
  • Apartments for students and guest researchers.

Public transportation

  •     No news, it is an ongoing discussion between SU and Landstinget