Vänligen notera att working papers ännu inte är referee-granskade. För en lista på våra artiklar som publicerats i referee-granskade tidskrifter och böcker, vänligen klicka här!


36. Kirsti M. Jylhä, Jens Rydgren and Pontus Strimling. "Radical right-wing voters from right and left: Comparing Sweden Democrat voters who previously voted for the Conservative Party or the Social Democratic Party".

35. Martin Hällsten and Max Thaning. "Wealth vs. education, occupation and income – unique and overlapping influences of SES in intergenerational transmissions".

34. Max Thaning and Martin Hällsten. "The End of Dominance? Evaluating Measures of Family Background in Stratification Research ".


33. Karin Helmersson Bergmark. "Behavioral addictions: A social science perspective".

32. Johanna Palm. "Militant attitudes among Swedish employees. The role of class and social identification".

31. Anton B. Andersson. "Nest leaving and social capital: channels, housing tenures and resources". WPS31 (507 Kb) (.pdf)

30. Tina Goldschmidt, Martin Hällsten and Jens Rydgren. "Are They Hunkering Down? Revisiting the Relationship between Exposure to Ethnic Diversity, Intergroup Contact, and Group Trust".  WPS30 (834 Kb) (.pdf)

29. Nina-Katri Gustafsson. "Substance Use Framed as Situational Action".  WPS29 (391 Kb) (.pdf)

28. Nina-Katri Gustafsson and Peter Wennberg. "Developmental alcohol trajectories when price and availability changed".  WPS28 (492 Kb) (.pdf)


27. Maria Brandén, Martin Hällsten and Ryszard Szulkin. "The intergenerational transmission of disadvantage: Education and labor market gaps between children of natives and children of immigrants".  WPS27 (416 Kb) (.pdf)

26. Jens Rydgren and Maria Tyrberg. "Social Marginalization, Ethnic Threat, and Radical Right-wing Support in Sweden: A Multilevel Analysis".  WPS26 (500 Kb) (.pdf)

25. Jens Rydgren and Sara van der Meiden. "Sweden, Now a Country Like All the Others? The Radical Right and the End of Swedish Exceptionalism".  WPS25 (438 Kb) (.pdf)

24. Jens Rydgren, Dana Sofi and Martin Hällsten. "Beliefs about the Past and Trust: Evidence from Northern Iraq".  WPS24 (873 Kb) (.pdf)


23. Åsa Wettergren and Stina Bergman Blix. “Power, status, and emotion management in professional court work–the case of judges and prosecutors”.  WPS23 (299 Kb) (.pdf)

22. Tina Goldschmidt and Jens Rydgren. "Social Distance, Immigrant Integration, and Welfare Chauvinism in Sweden".  WPS22 (1376 Kb) (.pdf)

Working-papper äldre än två år är tillgängliga vid efterfrågan. Vänligen kontakta serieredaktörerna.


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