Seminarierna äger vanligtvis rum på onsdagar kl 13:00-14:30 i vårt konferensrum B900 på plan 9 i B-huset. / The seminars take place in room B900 Wednesdays 13:00-14:30.


18 februari

Ida Susser, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center: “The Struggle for the Urban Commons: displacement and mobilization in the global city”

25 februari

Henriette frees Esholdt, Department of Sociology, Lund University: "Social Interaction at a multi-ethnic workplace"

12 mars

Gustaf Arrhenius, Institute for Future Studies, Joint seminar with Demography: "Population ethics in the time of global warming" (note: on a Thursday)

25 mars

Kathia Serrano-Velarde, Max Weber Institute for Sociology, Heidelberg University: "The way we ask for money...The changing nature of grant writing practices in academia (1975-2005)"

8 april


Walter Korpi, SOFI, Stockholm University: “Politics  and Electoral Models in the Postwar Expansion of Western Welfare States: New Perspectives on Proportional Elections, Employers, Christian Democrats, and the Left”

22 april

Stina Bergman Blix, Department of Sociology, Stockholm University: "The emotion work of judicial objectivity"

6 maj

Christopher Parker, Department of Political Science, University of Washington: Reactionary Right in Europe: An American Perspective

27 maj

Maureen Eger, Department of Sociology, Stockholm University: "The Politicization of Immigration and Welfare: A Swedish Dilemma"