Seminarierna äger vanligtvis rum på onsdagar kl 13:00-14:30 i vårt konferensrum B900 på plan 9 i B-huset. / The seminars take place in room B900 Wednesdays 13:00-14:30.

9 september
Fabrizio Bernardi, Department of Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute: "The Effects of Parental Separation on Offspring Wealth in the United States"
17 september (Thursday)
Linda Haas, Indiana University: "‘It’s about time!' - Company support for fathers’ entitlement to reduced work hours in Sweden.” Joint Sociology-Demography Seminar 
30 september
Lisa Salmonsson, Department of Sociology, SU: "Epistemic arbiters? Revisiting the stories of migrant physicians in Sweden"
28 oktober
Peter Fallesen, SOFI, SU: “Temporary Life Changes and the Timing of Divorce: Using Infantile Colic to Test a Formal Model”
11 november
Karl Malmqvist, Department of Sociology, Gothenburg University: “Metaphors of emotion and the discursive repression of empathy towards EU migrants in a Swedish online racist discussion forum”
25 november
Javier Polavieja, Department of Social Sciences, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid: “Labor-Market Competition, Recession and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments in Europe: Toward a Sounder Basis for Realistic Conflict Theory”
16 december (Joint Sociology-SOFI seminar, place: F800)
Matthijs Kalmijn, Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam: “Reservations about the link between marriage and health: Dynamic analyses of loss and gain effects”