29 Jan
Walter Korpi & Stefan Englund, Swedish Institute for Social Research: "The Rise and Fall of Western Full Employment Welfare States 1920-2005: Partisan Politics, Distributive Conflict, and Problems in the Washington Consensus"
26 Feb
Betty Thomson, Department of Sociology: "Family Complexity in Europe"
12 Mar
Fredrik Movitz, Department of Sociology: "Analysing Financialization: the Construction and Practice of Derivatives Trading and Presumed Changes in Work and Organisation"
26 Mar
Thomas Grund, Institute for Future Studies: "Why Your Friends are More Important and Better Looking than You"
9 Apr
Wout Ultee, University of Nijmegen: "The Methodology of Asking Good Research Questions"
23 Apr
Kirk Scott, Department of Sociology/Future Studies/Lund: "Star-Crossed Lovers or Total Hooey? The Impact of Zodiac Signs on Divorce Risks"
7 May
Ellen Kossek, Michigan State University: TBA
28 May
Terry Maroney, Vanderbilt Law School: "Angry Judges" Joint seminar with the Department of Criminology, SU (which is also the location for this seminar).


Ansvariga för seminarieprogrammet är Magnus Bygren och Daniel Ritter.