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Stockholm University Computational Sociology

Stockholm University Computational Sociology (SUCS) is a meeting place for researchers using computational approaches to study social phenomena. Computational sociologists apply computational methods to quantitative and qualitative data in order to address sociological topics and theories. SUCS meeting format varies but includes discussions of papers and works-in-progress, specific methodological challenges of interest to group members, and current developments and debates in computational sociology.

Due to COVID-19, the group will meet both online over zoom and in person (room B900) while social distancing guidelines are in place.

SUCS is open to people who use or have an interest in computational approaches. The group generally meets over lunch on the second Friday of the month. To join the group email list, please contact the organizers, Andrea Voyer, andrea.voyer(@), and Hernan Mondani, hernan.mondani(@) .

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Sociologiska institutionen
Universitetsvägen 10B, plan 8 och 9
Observera att om du kommer från tunnelbanan och går in från norra sidan, står det 14B på ingången till huset där du når oss! Gå rakt fram och ta hissen upp så kommer du rätt. 

Sociologiska institutionen
Stockholms universitet
SE - 106 91  STOCKHOLM

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