Stockholm University Sociology Department Workshop on Qualitative Methods

Purpose & Aims

To develop and facilitate a research culture that supports and advances qualitative  research;
To debate and discuss core principles, practices, tools, logic and assessment criteria of qualitative research
To provide practical advice about the research process


Open to everyone at the Sociology Department Geared towards faculty, researchers, doctoral students, and MA students working with qualitative methods Registration Required.


Please email Daniel Ritter, daniel.ritter(a)
Indicate a topic or problem for Session Three. Include dietary restrictions (vegetarian, allergies, etc.).

Panels, Format & Topics

9.30-9.45     Workshop Welcome
Vanessa Barker

9.45: 11.30    Session One: Data Analysis

David Wästerfors, Lund
Moderator: Árni Sverrisson

In this session, David Wästerfors will talk about the practices of data analysis. After the material is collected (or generated), what next? He will start with a presentation of his and Jens Rennstam's Swedish book on analysis in qualitative research, Från stoff till studie (2015), and then initiate a discussion based on some data excerpts from his fieldwork. The aim is to sharpen our analytical eye and our sociological creativity in relation to concrete pieces of data. Participants are also welcome to bring their own excerpts (e.g. 1-2 pages from interviews, texts, fieldnotes etc.) so that David may give some tailored comments, either during the day or afterwards per email. David Wästerfors’s chapter will be circulated in advance. The moderator will intervene for clarification and contribute to discussion with practical advice.

11.30-12.30    Lunch Break
In house, by Stories

12.30-13.45    Session Two: Field Research

Conversation between Mikaela Sundberg and Stina Bergman Blix
Moderator: Jelena Jovicic

In this session, Mikaela Sundberg and Stina Bergman Blix will have a conversation about core issues in ethnographic and field research, including access, ethics, different kinds of data, among other topics. They will ask questions about each other’s work in a way that facilitates a dialogue. The moderator will intervene to ask new lines of questions, ask for clarification or further development of responses. Then open discussion.

13.45-14.00    Pause

14.00-15.15    Session Three: Problem Solving in Qualitative Methods

Topics: access, research process, case or sample selection, types of data, theorizing from data
Moderators: Petter Bengtsson and Caroline Aspers Dahlberg

All participants in the workshop will join in this session, based on group discussions around three to four general topics (e.g. access, research process, case selection, theorizing from data). When registering for the workshop, every participant should state which of these group discussions they would like to join, on the basis of a question or problem they experience in their own work.  They will also be asked to formulate this question or problem when they register, in order to serve as a basis for discussion.  The moderators will facilitate small group discussion.

3.15    Workshop Wrap Up

Daniel Ritter

3.30    Fika