Globalization is profoundly changing the structure and meaning of our social lives. This course is intended to examine how globalization is changing key areas of social life. First, we will examine the concept of globalization, comparing and assessing major theoretical approaches. Second, we will investigate how globalization has had a major impact on various forms of social organization. We will focus on the following topics:

  • What is Globalization?
  • Global Economy
  • Global Economic Inequality
  • Globalization and the IT Revolution
  • Globalization and Cultural Convergence or Glocalization?
  • Global Cities
  • Globalization and Democratic Movements
  • Transnational Governance and/or Re-nationalization
  • Global citizenship
  • Global Mobility

All undervisning på grundnivå inklusive tentamen och omtentamen H20  sker på distans via Zoom.


Schema H20

Globaization H20 (562 Kb) ( pdf)



Vanessa Barker